Here's a list of the 6 Star Gears:

Ancient Gear

Holy Gear

  • Holy Dagger = Holy Dagger plan + 60 Keyboards & 500 Magic Diamonds
  • Holy Wand = Holy Wand plan + 60 Keyboards & 500 Magic Diamonds
  • Holy CrossBow = Holy CrossBow plan + 60 Keyboards & 500 Magic Diamonds
  • Holy Cloak = Holy Cloak plan + 60 Notepads & 500 Magic Diamonds
  • Holy Armor = Holy Armor plan + 60 Pens & 500 Magic Diamonds
  • Holy Helmet = Holy Helmet plan + 60 Phones & 500 Magic Diamonds
  • Holy Boots = Holy Boots plan + 60 Blankets & 500 Magic Diamonds
  • Holy Belt = Holy Belt plan + 60 Calculators & 500 Magic Diamonds
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Holy gear plans can be bought from the World Boss exchange in the Event Hall for 20 World Boss Exchange Plans each. This exchange might not be available in the Event Hall all the time.

PLEASE NOTE: Magic Diamonds can be gathered at the following locations:

1)Demon Battleground Guild mines (You must be in a guild and the guild must have conquered a mine)

Screenshot 2015-04-21-15-48-10

2) Underground Battle (Must be Level 100) Random Drops

Screenshot 2015-04-21-15-41-01

3) Go to "STORE" - "EMPORIUM" - (Scroll down) Magic Diamonds- cost 1 Diamond = 1 Magic Diamond

Arena PicsArt 1430314847858

4)Arena – Cross Server Tournament – Enter - Single Player Tournament – (Gold/Silver/Bronze) Group “CLAIM”

5) some events

Zodiac Gear

Zodiac gear can be combined at Combine in the Event Hall. Minimum requirements are level 120, tier 11 for the Ancient gear and level 90, tier 5 for each of the Holy gear.

Additional Notes

  • King's Gear can be turned into Ancient Gear through Gear Star Up.
  • Of Ancient gear, only the three weapons seem to be listed as available through pieces or plans. The remaining five gear will have to be aquired whole. (through "Star Up" or maybe an event. No chest yet seems to be dropping Ancient gear.)

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