Candy Can.Icon

Candy Can
Profession Hunter Star 6star
Race Demon Material Sky Bow
Hero Description The best cannoner in the world.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 2800 Initial ATK 820 Initial DEF 300 Initial CRIT 600
HP Growth +560 ATK Growth +164 DEF Growth +60 CRIT Growth +120
Awaken Hp 3360 Awaken ATK 984 Awaken DEF 360 Awaken CRIT 720
Hit Rate +15% Dodge Rate +15% Rage Rate +25% Pacifist Rate +0%
Block Rate +0% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +15%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Poison Boom
Attack and poison the front row and deal 12.5% of the ATK for 2 turns.
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Leader Skill ATK boost
25% ATK Boost at the beginning of the battle

Additional Notes

  • Candy Can can be summoned from the Supreme Summons or obtained by combining 20 Candy Can Pieces obtained by spending pink gems in the market for 35 Pink Gems a piece.
  • Since poison damage seems to be applied after both whole teams have attacked, it will often be best to place Candy Can bottom back (last), so none of your other heroes will hit a hero afterwards that the poison would have already killed.  Alternatively, it is also viable to place Candy Can top back (first), as it increases the likelihood that multiple heroes will be hit prior to them being killed off.  The reason for this is:
  • Candy Can's poison is determined by 12.5% of damage to each hero.  This is not calculated individually.  Therefore, the more heroes that Candy hits, the higher the poison damage is.  For two heroes, it is roughly 25% the individual damage to a single hero, and 37.5% when hitting three targets.
  • If any of the targeted heroes dodges, no poison is applied to any of them, so first freezing or stunning them can increase the odds of a successful poisoning.

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