Friend List - All your friends will be shown on the list. Theres options for Information of the friend and also Praising. Praising a friend will get you 10 Pal Points and sometimes Energy. (Pal points are for Normal Summoning)

Add - Players that tried to add you will be shown here.

Suggestions - This System suggests friends for you. Usually they are players around your level.

Invite - Invitation Code for you to give out and invite people to the game.

Invite your friends to play and get rewards when they reach Lv30, 60 and 70. (20 times each)

Invitee Reward Amount Total
lv30 300k Gold 20 6,000,000 Gold
lv60 100 Diamond 20 2000 Diamond
lv70 300 Booster Gems 20 Super Red Panda

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