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Guild boss has a boss the entire guild can attack when it's summoned. You can attack once every 5 minutes just like in Boss Event. You can expedite this, but it will cost diamonds depending on the cool down time left.

Boss hits

Personal rewards per hit on the boss
1x 1*energy 1x 1*dungeon 10K Gold

Boss kills

Boss level Personal rewards per boss kill
1 1x CourageChest
2-10 2x CourageChest
11-17 3x CourageChest
18-27 4x CourageChest
28-40 5x CourageChest
41-50 6x CourageChest
51-59 7x CourageChest
60-69 8x CourageChest
70-79 9x CourageChest
80-89 10x CourageChest
90-100 11x CourageChest
  • A level 1 guild boss provides 1000 guild contribution and for each higher level 500 is added (for example 11000 contribution for a level 21 boss) .
  • To revive a dead guild boss, it takes 500 diamonds and that summoner gets 600 guild contribution in exchange.
    • The guild boss can be revived twice per day for a total of 3 guild bosses per day.
  • When a boss has been slain, the personal rewards (Guild Chests) will be mailed to you. (Check Guild mail)
  • The guild boss level can't be higher than the guild level and is increased through the guild mascot guild tech.
    • Every guild boss levelup makes the guild boss tougher, though its health always stays the same.

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