Basic Info

Guilds are the newest addition to Pocket Knights in ver1.5 anyone can create a guild but it's quite costly to do so. Here are the requirements to create one.

  1. Player Level has to be at least 50
  2. VIP4 Minimum
  3. 1000 Diamonds

Guild Member

Guilds have 2 Levels : (Theres no name for them in game but lets name them real fast to avoid confusion)

  1. Promotion Level : One is leveled via the Promote Button in Operations.
  2. Guild Level : The other is upgraded when members make donations.
Promotion Levels
Level Cost
100 Diamonds
200 Diamonds
1,000 Diamonds
2,000 DIamonds
5,000 Diamonds
10,000 Diamonds
20,000 Diamonds
50,000 Diamonds
100,000 Diamonds
  1. Promotion level determines the size of the guild. Each level increases max. guild members by 10.
  2. Guild level determines the cap for Guild Techs and What can be purchased in Guild shop.

Maximum guild size for Promotion level 10, Guild level 100 seems to be 180 people.

Operation Button

  • Contribute - Players can contribute Gold and Diamonds (Gold Limit depends on Guild and Player Level)
  • Promote - Level up the Guild size
  • Edit Msg - Edit Guild Message 
  • Claim Salary - Salary can be claimed by players who hold positions in the guild
  • Application - Players who apply are displayed here
  • Apply Position - There's a few positions available, but requires a certain amount of contribution to apply (Note: Your contribution must be higher than the lowest member of that position)

The amount of Gold earned changes depending on what level guild you're in. Also you need to have more contribution to take a position from someone who has it.

Position Information
(1 Position)
  • Ability to kick members
  • Ability to group mail members
  • Able to Claim 3 Guild Chests
  • Able to Claim 200K Gold Salary
Vice Chief
(1 Position)
  • Requires 5000 Contributions to Apply
  • Ability to group mail members
  • Able to Claim 2 Guild Chests
  • Able to Claim 160K Gold Salary

(2 Positions)

  • Requires 1000 Contributions to Apply
  • Ability to group mail members
  • Able to Claim 1 Guild Chests
  • Able to Claim 100K Gold Salary

(3-5 Positions)

  • Requires 500 Contributions to Apply
  • Able to Claim 1 Guild Chests
  • Able to Claim 60K Gold Salary

Guild Tech

Guild Techs
Tech Effect Cost increase per level
Ggoldicon Gold Production increase by 0.5% per Lv 2500
Gexpicon EXP increase by 0.5% per Lv 2500
Gatkicon Damage increase by 0.5% per Lv 2500
Gmascoticon Increase Mythical Monsters lvl per Lv 2500

The first three just raise the maximum level to which players can increase their guild tech at the Magic House, while the fourth increases Guild Boss level.

Guild Events

  • Start at 20:00 : Guild Wars - only the guild leader can register the guild for Guild War
  • Start at 19:00 : Maske Rebellion
  • Start at 15:00 : Guild Boss
  • reset at 5:00 : Guild Tasks - "complete guild tasks to obtain EXP, Gold, Contribution and Guild EXP"

Guild Shop

Item Cost Daily limit Guild Level needed
Spirit Stone Spirit Stone 8 Contributions -
SilverC Awesome Token Chest 1 Contributions 5 1
3starpack Lv1 Rune Pack 1 Contributions 40 5
Refine Stone 1-Star Refine Stone 1 Contributions - 10
SuperSoulStone Super Soul Stone 300 Contributions 5 30
Astral Stone Astral Stone 80 Contributions 10 25
CourageChest Guild Treasure Chest 100 Contributions - 15
3starpack Adv Jewelry Material Pack 35 Contributions 10 35

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