In Pocket Knights Heroes and Gears have Levels and Tiers. The higher the level they are, the higher tier you can evolve them to. The amount of materials needed to evolve are different depending on what you're trying to evolve. Here are the tiers and how they are displayed.

T1 > T2 > T3 > T4 > T5 > T6 > T7 > T8 > T9 > T10 > T11 > T12 > T13 >

T14 > T15 > T16 > T17 > T18 > T19 > T20 > T21 > T22 > T23 > T24 > T25


  • Only 3 stars or above heros can evolve to next tier level.
  • A Hero's Star Ranks do not Change no matter how high his or her Tier Level is.
  • The only exception are the 3 Starting Heroes who can reach a higher Star Rank through tiering.
  • Tiers 26-33 have icons listed as purple versions of earlier tiers, but probably can't be unlocked yet.



  • Refine Stones
  • Energy Stones
  • Dungeon Crystals

List of materials needed to evolve gear (based on their stars).



  • Evolution Material
  • Energy Stones
  • Dungeon Crystals
  • Fusion Stone (Starter Heroes only) (for awakening and evolve to next star)
  • Gold

List of materials needed to evolve heroes (based on their stars).

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