Iron GericoIcon

Iron Gerico
Profession Warrior Star 6star
Race Human Material War Horn
Hero Description He wears that iron armor day and night, it says no one has ever seen his face before... Must be hot in there.
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 4320 Initial ATK 480 Initial DEF 710 Initial CRIT 530
HP Growth +864 ATK Growth +96 DEF Growth +142 CRIT Growth +106
Awaken Hp 5184 Awaken ATK 576 Awaken DEF 852 Awaken CRIT 636
Hit Rate +0% Dodge Rate +0% Rage Rate +0% Pacifist Rate +35%
Block Rate +30% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +15%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Slicing Sphere
Attack an enemy and deal lots of damage.
Iron Gericocrit
Leader Skill DEF Boost
25% DEF boost at the beginning of battle

Additional Notes

  • Iron Gerico pieces can be obtained with Magic Crystals in the Fate Store, each piece costs 4000.
  • Since patch 2.8 you can now also buy his pieces in the pink gem shop, each piece costs 40.
  • Require 20 pieces to craft him

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