Basic Stats:

Level: 1/30

Race: Elf

HP: 1200

ATK: 260

DEF: 120

CRIT: 200


CRIT Skill: Shoot Lv2

  • Attack an enemy

LEADER Skill : CRIT Boost Lv2

  • 15% CRIT Boost at the beginning of the battle

"Ever since she learned that her father was alive somewhere at war, she has been searching for any word of him and his..."

Manston is one of the choice picks for a 3* hero. If you happen to have her, she will be a good transition until you get some of the better 4* heroes. Don't bother putting too much into her, since she is still a 3* hero

Rarity 3 Star Hero
Type Hunter
Usage Ranged DPS
Evolve Mats Elf Quiver

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