This feature unlocks at player level 95.

Mastery (formerly known as Totem) is a new addition to the 1.7 patch where it adds a new playing system to the game, where you have masteries that have skills that once activated reduce enemy's Attack, Crit, or Defense, or increase your own stats.

Under Mastery tab there is also Astral Power *Click on page for further information on Astral power*


Totems/Masteries, tier 1 stats
First HP 10000
Second CRIT 2200
Third ATK 2200
Fourth DEF 1700
Fifth Merman Thorn Lv2
Sixth Attack all enemies and reduce 22% armor of them, last for 3 rounds
First HP 11000
Second CRIT 2300
Third ATK 2300
Fourth DEF 1800
Fifth Explosion Nova Lv2
Sixth Attack all enemies and boost 22% armor of all your heroes, last for 3 rounds
First HP 12000
Second CRIT 2400
Third ATK 2400
Fourth DEF 1900
Fifth Chaos Axe Lv2
Sixth Attack all enemies and reduce 22% ATK of them, last for 3 rounds
First HP 14000
Second CRIT 2500
Third ATK 2500
Fourth DEF 2000
Fifth War Hammer Lv2
Sixth Attack all enemies and reduce 22% CRIT of them, last for 3 rounds
Human Undead
Elf Vampie
Fairy Natural
Snowman Dragas
Neptune Godness
Demon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon

*Information for masteries after Therianthropy will be available in future patches


Soul Stone


Soul Stones are used to level up Masteries/Totems. Each soul stone provides 3300 experience with a chance for a 2x, 4x or 10x proc. Soul stones can be bought in the Shop for 80,000 gold each or collected from elite dungeons from Snowberg Mtn. onward.

Super Soul Stone

Use to obtain a lot of Materies EXP.

Mastery Stone

Totem Stone
Required items to evolve Materies.

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