Hidden Training Changes

  • new blacksmith, boost costs diamonds
  • transfer hero/gear is REMOVED!!!
  • instead of transfer, a new way to de-compose heroes/gear/jewels, which costs diamonds

New pie system New refine system

Starter Hero Changes

  • to upgrade a starter hero to 7*, it needs tier 25
  • after getting 7*, it needs again 25 evolves...

Equip changes

  • backup row heroes are removed, you now have 6 main heroes
  • 6th hero is unlocked at lvl 90 instead of 100
  • runes now have much more stat points (example: Lv2 HP Rune = +2250 HP)
  • 2 new runes!
  • but you can only equip 1 rune in 1 slot, which means a maximum of 6 runes per Hero.
  • new "Battle Generals" system

New rune system New battle generals system

Totem changes

  • decreased stats?
  • all totems now have the same stats?

Totem changes

New Shop Layout

  • Contains now all 5 major shops (Booster, Courage, Pink Gem, Labyrinth, Royal Door)
  • Booster Gem Shop: you can now buy 4*/5*/6* evo mats bags
  • Labyrinth Gem Shop: you can now buy 3*/4*/5* demon jewels with labyrinth gems
  • Royal Door Shop: completly remade, you can now buy totem stones, but evolve mats and dungeon crystals are REMOVED!!!
  • Courage Shop: all hero pieces removed, except General Gorham.
  • Pink Gem Shop:
  • all hero pieces now cost 40 Pink Gems
  • new Pink Gem Heroes:

Ethnia, Juralee, Zazyx, Brend, Einstina, Gabriel, Lanisa, Aelis, Eliza, Royal Harley, Tarxus, Brock, Iron Gerico, Wyndham, Amanda, Edward, Milan

  • Note: the normal labyrinth store is REMOVED!!!, so no more refresh to get gold!

New shop

  • Not sure in which version, this heros pieces is added in the Shop
  • VIP hero is obtainable in the Shop which cost diamonds? (Not sure whether is a 1 off promotion or event based, otherwise it won't be fair for players who invested heavily in this game, especially high VIP player)
  • Yoria can be upgraded to 7* in Version 3.5

New Destiny Shop Layout

  • Lucky Shop removed?
  • 9 instead of 5 available items
  • contains more heroes, example: Demon Lilith, Patient Zero
  • contains now labyrinth/booster and maybe other gems
  • some items cost diamonds
  • some items costs 300 instead of 4000 magic diamonds

New destiny shop

New "Fate" Spin

  • Like the old spin system, the new system requires special new fate spin tickets
  • you can get "Horse Rider" 6* hero pieces (upgradeable to 7*)

New fate spin

Warehouse changes

  • you are now able to multi-use items starting from 2 instead of 10
  • new warehouse slots don't cost any diamonds
  • hero pieces and craft plans are moved into 2 extra pages, which gives you more space

New warehouse

New Heroes Gate

can't read the chinese stuff, so no idea how it works...

New heroes gate1 New heroes gate2

Awakening of Hero

New Heroes "Awakening" Function in 3.4

  • Player need the same hero to awaken your hero
  • There are few levels of awakening and higher the level, it consumes more resources like materials stone, gold, number of same hero required and the awakening stone
  • Each level of awakening will boost the basic attribute, leadership skill... of the hero

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