Pocket Knights 1.5 Update

Date of Update will begin 2/14 at 12AM PST and will be ready at 4AM PST

  • Tower combat and exploration speeds are going to be increased by 20%
  • Increase the login rewards to extend from 30 to 90 days.
  • Guilds feature. Battle your foes, rally your allies, combat guild bosses and more.
  • Expanding the friends list by 30 additional slots.
  • Set Out feature in Hidden Training. You can send the heroes that you are not currently using to other worlds and find treasures and experience for you.
  • Players level 100 and over will have access to a new mine!
  • The Mystic Merchant will have a permanent home in the Event Hall that you can access daily.
  • Auto Play to both the Tower and the Elite Dungeons!
  •  The Special Event Summon will always be available! No longer will you need to wait to spend those Special Event Summon Vouchers!
  • The Warehouse is going to be expanded. You can now upgrade it to level 120 for 20 extra slots!
  • Block button will be fixed.

Other Updates

  • Evolution Materials can be combined to create higher level materials
  • Skip button have been added to Recruit battle in Alchemy Lab
  • Tower Tasks - complete the task in limited time for reward.
  • Warehouse have added 1 more page for unlocking.
  • Mining time of Goblin Treasure have change from 6 to 8 hours.
  • BOSS Battle have change from 5 round to 8 rounds
  • Starter Character have x3.0 bonus in BOSS Battle (proven in woofgang)
  • Boss Battle Characters with 2x, 4x, 5x bonuses now rotate every hour?(i think hour) instead of daily.
  • Arena have increase to 10 challengers at a time.
  • Auto-play in Tower require VIP Lv5 and Player Level 80 to use.
  • Player Lv50, VIP Lv5 and 1000 Diamonds are require to make a Guild
  • Random Prompt in tower to click 4 buttons with numbers in a row to get reward
  • Praising friend gives 40 palpoints, and 2 hour cooldown
  • Vera Critical attack Visual upgrade

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