Profession Mage Star 4star
Race Human Material Ring of Enlightenment
Hero Description Though young, her reputation precedes her as being a battle genius, achieving the greatest damage with the smallest amount of effort
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 1320 Initial ATK 400 Initial DEF 190 Initial CRIT 400
HP Growth +264 ATK Growth +80 DEF Growth +38 CRIT Growth +80
Awaken Hp 1584 Awaken ATK 480 Awaken DEF 228 Awaken CRIT 480
Hit Rate +?% Dodge Rate +?% Rage Rate +?% Pacifist Rate +?%
Block Rate +?% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +?%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Deity Bewitch
Attack a random enemy and have a 100% chance to confuse the target for 1 turn.
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Leader Skill CRIT Boost
15% CRIT Boost at the beginning of the battle.


Rhee is the starter Mage who does insane amount of damage to enemies. But she has really low HP and Def so you want to make sure to protect her properly and keep her in the backline.

Addition Note

  • Rhee is one of the Starting Heroes and cannot be obtained any other way
  • Adept Rhee is evolve from Rhee and can be later evolve to Master Rhee
  • Once Rhee reaches Adept Rhee her level will be reset to level 30