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Silver Maske
Profession Warrior Star 5star
Race Human Material NONE
Hero Description A guardian and model of both might and courage
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 1350 Initial ATK 180 Initial DEF 225 Initial CRIT 180
HP Growth +270 ATK Growth +36 DEF Growth +45 CRIT Growth +36
Awaken Hp 1620 Awaken ATK 216 Awaken DEF 270 Awaken CRIT 216
Hit Rate +?% Dodge Rate +?% Rage Rate +?% Pacifist Rate +?%
Block Rate +?% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +?%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill ???
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Leader Skill ???


CRIT Skill: Solid Defense Lv1

  • Attack an enemy and boost DEF for 2 turns

Leader Skill: Awakening Material Lv2

  • 5-Star Hero Evolving Material that gives a 13% Fusion Success Rate


Silver Maske is not really meant for battle. It's a material that gives +13% chance to the success rate in fusion. if you want to use it for battle feel free, but it would not be advisable.

Additional Notes

  • Obtained from crafting all 100 pieces of Silver maske from Login Rewards
  • Used for Fusing Hero/Awakening a 5-Star Hero. more about that Here
  • Can only be evolved or gain levels via transfer.  Cannot gain levels or tiers the traditional way.  If teirs and levels are transferred his maximum level will be stated as zero.  Thus he still cannot gain experience.

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