Profession Hunter Star 4star
Race Demon Material Hunter's Pendant
Hero Description The stubborn resistance, beyond the limit, waving arms, make a sieve, friendship first, competiton second! ~whether human or demon, everyone must refueling Oh! ~"
Hero Attributes
Initial HP 1800 Initial ATK 360 Initial DEF 145 Initial CRIT 300
HP Growth +360 ATK Growth +72 DEF Growth +29 CRIT Growth +60
Awaken Hp 2160 Awaken ATK 432 Awaken DEF 174 Awaken CRIT 360
Hit Rate +0% Dodge Rate +0% Rage Rate +0% Pacifist Rate +25%
Block Rate +25% ??? +???% CRIT DMG Bonus Rate +0%
Hero Skills
CRIT Skill Shoot
Attack an Enemy
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Leader Skill ATK Boost
20% ATK Boost at the beginning of the battle

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